Gelato Mondo is the U.K. distributor for Gonzalo Rios

About Gelato Mondo Ice Cream Cones

Gonzalo Rios is a family run business founded in 1964 and distributes its premium quality cones and wafers around the world. With a manufacturing facility of over 600m2 producing more than 600 tonnes of cones and wafers each year, Gelato Mondo is well placed to serve you with perhaps the finest, freshest, handmade waffle cones on the market.

Why Choose Gelato Mondo?

    • The cones are very strong and do not break: Great news for the busy Gelateria and great news for the pocket. Cones are double and sometimes triple wrapped and are made on a fine matrix hot-plate giving them even more strength and their unique appearance
    • The cones have a high resistance against humidity which means you are less likely to see another soggy cone!
    • These cones really offer the best taste: Freshness is the key word. These cones taste as good as the day they were made and have the delicious ‘just-made’ waffle taste without the hassle of producing your own
    • The cones themselves are lovely in shape and, unlike the majority of common waffle cones, do not have a hole in the bottom which avoids any leakage.
    • Packing: This is where we really score bonus points. Each strip of cones is individually wrapped and sealed. Each Layer has its own protective high density cardboard ‘basket’. All the layers are wrapped up in the strongest, toughest cardboard box. Apart from the cones being superbly strong, this is another reason why these cones arrive at your door in one piece!
    • Shipment: Direct to your door. From factory to retailer, your cones arrive fast and safely avoiding any unnecessary handling.
    • Make a difference: Competition is fierce. It seems that every street, every corner, someone, somewhere is selling ice cream. With the consumer growing more discerning, it’s more important now, than ever before, to offer the consumer a point of difference. Dare to be different and allow Gelato Mondo to provide you with the means to offer a totally unique proposition.